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Kashmir Nellum velley 

Allah Almighty has enriched Kashmir with its natural beauty. Kashmir is the land of beautiful valleys. Kashmir is famous all over the world for its beauty. 

Today I will tell you about a valley in Kashmir which has beauty in its name. Neelam Valley, yes Neelam Valley is one of the beautiful valleys of Kashmir and it is in Pakistani administered Kashmir or Azad Kashmir. 

Brief introduction of Neelum Valley

Nellum is a district of Azad Kashmir. The Sapphire Valley covers an area of ​​3,621 km2 (1,398 sq mi). The population of Neelum Valley is 191,251 as per 2017 census.

Neelam Valley  is located in the northeast of Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. The Neelum Valley is about 4,000 meters above sea level.

The Neelam Valley was named Neelam because of the river Neelam. Neelum Valley is the largest district of Azad Kashmir in terms of area. There are 360 ​​small and large function villages in Neelum Valley. There are two tehsils of Neelum valley, Athmaqam and Sharda. The Neelum Valley is exactly along the Line of Control. 

 Some tips for tourists visiting Neelum Valley 

If you also want to come to Neelum Valley, keep the following in mind.

 1. Neelum Valley is a mountainous area so you are only in summer in Neelum Valley. Any time you travel to Neelum Valley from May to September will be safe for you. Else if you want to travel in winter, you just have to travel up to eight places.

 2. Travel to the major tourist destinations of Neelum Valley is possible only in summer. All areas beyond the eighth floor can be seen only in summer. 

3. In Neelum Valley, even in summer, rain often increases the cold, so keep warm clothes with you. 

 4. Also check the weather report etc. before coming to the valley as the road is closed due to landslide in rainy days. 

What are the networks in Neelum Valley? 

SCOM and Ufone are the two networks currently operating in the Neelum Valley In Neelum Valley, if you want to use internet, you can use only SCOM and PTCL WIFI. Ufone's SIM is limited to calls only in Neelum Valley. We will write an article about SCOM Network on our website. If you need more information about SCOM you can read that article.   

The best way to get to Neelum Valley  

If you want to come to Neelum Valley from Pakistan then you have to come to Rawalpindi first. You have to come to Muzaffarabad from Rawalpindi. You can come to Muzaffarabad in two ways. One is through Murree Road or you can reach Muzaffarabad from Hazara Road. After coming to Muzaffarabad you can reach Neelam Valley from Neelam Road. If you have your own car, it may take you about one and half hours from Rawalpindi to Muzaffarabad and if you do not have your own car, it may take you three or more hours. If you want to come to Azad Kashmir not from Pakistan but from any other country then after landing at Islamabad Airport you come to Rawalpindi and after that you can go anywhere in Azad Kashmir. 

 Nellum velley 

Neelum Valley is the most beautiful area of ​​Azad Kashmir. The whole 360 ​​villages of Neelum Valley are an example of beauty. Today I will tell you in detail about some places of Neelum Valley.

 Noseri Dam 

The Nosiri Dam has been built recently and is known as the Neelum Jhelum Project. The purpose of the dam is to divert water from the Neelum River to the Jhelum River through a tunnel. Nosiri Dam is located 36 km from Muzaffarabad and it attracts tourists traveling on Neelam Road.

 Kundal Shahi Nellum Valley

Kundal Shahi is located at a distance of about 74 km from Muzaffarabad. In this area Nala Jagran joins  river Neelum. Trout fish are found here in the Neelum River. There are hotels for tourists in Kundal Shahi. 

 Jagran Valley  

Jagran Valley is located at an altitude of 1530 meters above sea level. Jagran Valley is 16 km from Kundal Shahi. Jagran Valley covers an area of ​​about 10 km. In Jagran Valley you will find many guest houses to stay. Cotton Jagran is rich in natural beauty and is an attractive place for tourists. 

Athmuqam Nellum Valley

Athmuqam is located at a distance of 10 km from Kundal Shahi. It is located at an altitude of 1371 m above sea level. Athmuqam is the headquarters of Neelum district. It is a great place for tourists. There are all kinds of facilities for tourists. There are Bazaar Hospital Bank Guest House and Hotel. The natural beauty of the eighth place is the center of attraction for tourists. 

 Keran Nellum Valley 

Keran is located 9 km from Athmaqam. It is located at an altitude of 1524 meters above sea level. The Azad Kashmir Department of Politics has built a rest house for tourists here. Karen Valley is right next to the Line of Control. Keran Valley is divided into Azad Kashmir and Indian Occupied Kashmir. Walking on Neelam Road, you will see the Indian flag at Keran. Half or more of the Karen Valley area is In  Iojk . Keran is an attractive place for tourists. From where tourists can see the Indian posts up close. If a Kashmiri sees the Indian flag at Karen's place, his heart yearns for freedom. There is a small market and some hotels in Keran. 

 Upper Nellum 

Upper nellum is one and a half kilometers away from Keran. Upper nellum is 1824 meters above sea level. Wrapped in the green color of the upper nellum, the village is full of wild flowers and their own culture has become a tourist attraction. The villages of Upper Neelam are so famous for their beauty that people travel 18 hours to reach the last village of the valley. The famous villages and lakes of Upper Neelam are so famous and captivating that people walk for hours to see these membranes and villages. Upper nellum is almost near the Line of Control. 

Dawarian Nellum Valley

Dwariyan is located about 15 km from Karen and it is 1615 m above sea level. It is a village in the middle of the mountains. The whole area is surrounded by dense forest. One of the cautious roads in the area connects Kagan Valley with Neelum Valley. There are also hotels and guest houses for tourists in this area. 

 Ratti Gali Lake 

The famous and charming Rati Gali is located at a distance of 18 km from Dwariyan. It is located at an altitude of about 12,130 feet above sea level. There is a road to reach Rati Gali Lake but only jeep can run on this road. From May to October you can visit Rati Gali Lake. There is a tent facility on Rati Gali Lake for tourists. 

Sharda Nellum velley  

Sharda is also a charming and captivating place of Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir. It is located at a distance of 136 km from Muzaffarabad and 30 km from Dwariyan. Sharda is the second tehsil of Neelam Valley. Sharda is located at an altitude of about 1981 meters above sea level. Sharda is a beautiful valley as well as a historical place. A centuries-old Buddhist university still exists here today. The university was built in the 9th century and still exists today at Sharda. Sharda is a great place for tourists. Here you will find all kinds of basic necessities from many hotels, restaurants and markets. Sharda is a beautiful valley covered with greenery flowing along the blue river flowing between the mountains.  

Sharda Old University 

Historically, Sharda is said to have been a place of learning for a long time. We cansill find here the ruins of the University of Sharda Those who are interested in archeology and history may find a lot of historical facts about this center of knowledge.Sharda's script had been developed in that university in the 9th century. It Is interesting to know that some parts of its historical building have survived through ages. Other historical sites in the Sharda town are the Sharda fort and the Kishan Ghaati. Seekers of knowledge used to come from distant areas to learn history, geography, health, logic and philosophy in Sharda University.

KAIL Valley 

Kel Neelam Valley is one of the most beautiful areas of Azad Kashmir. Kel Muzaffarabad is located at a distance of 158 kms from Azad Kashmir and 81 kms from Athmaqam and 19 kms from Sharda. 

Kail is a beautiful village in Azad Kashmir. The incident also took place near the Line of Control. The Kel also wants to be known as Kel sector. Kel is a great place for tourists. Thousands of tourists visit Kel Valley every year. 

Kel is located at a distance of about 2097 meters above sea level. At the site of the Kel, the Shunthar Nalla and the nareel Nalla meet the Neelum River. It can be reached from Kail Schunter By Pass to Gilgit Agency which is located at an altitude of 4420 meters.

Only jeeps can go on the road beyond Kel. kel is a charming valley and an attractive place for tourists. The people here have their own culture, their own dress, especially women's clothing, an example of which is not found anywhere else in the world. 

There are many facilities for tourists in Kel. There are facilities like tents on mountains and lakes. There are hotels, restaurants, guest houses, government rest houses etc. in Kel.

Kel village is counted among the large villages of Neelum valley. Arangkail in the valley is a very beautiful place.

The peak sarwali in the kel is 6326 meters above sea level. sarwali peak is the highest peak of Azad Kashmir and Sarwala Glacier  is the highest glacier of Azad Kashmir (25 km long). Horses are available for tourists in Kail Neelum Valley where there is no road.


There is a beautiful village near the Line of Control. Arangkail located at a distance of 9 km from kel. The Arangkail is located at an average altitude of 2500 meters above sea level.

There is a (Chair Left) facility to get rid of the Arangkail. There is no car service from kel to  Arangkail so if you have to go from kel to Arangkail then you have to go to  (Chair Left) first and then when you fly by Dolly (Chair Left). You will be punched in the Arangkail forest then you will have to walk there for about half an hour. The beauty of the Arangkail will take away all your fatigue when you go for the Arangkail. There is a guest house etc. facility for tourists in Arangkail. 

Shounter Valley 

Shounter Valley is located about 34 km from Kel. Shounter Valley is located on the last corner of Azad Kashmir. 

From Shounter to Astor Chilas Gilgit can be reached on foot in about 12 hours. 

There is a beautiful and charming lake in Shounter Valley known as Shounter Lake. Shounter is located at an altitude of about 2800 meters above sea level.

Lake Shounter is called Chamchi Sar by the locals because Lake Shounter is shaped like a spoon, hence the name Chamchi Sar.

 Shounter is a beautiful place between the mountains. In the summer, thousands of tourists travel to the Shounter Valley. Another beautiful and highest lake of Azad Kashmir in Shounter Valley is Chetta Katha. The only way to get from Kel to Shounter is by jeep. 

Chitta Katha Lake 

Chitta Katha Lake is one of the highest lakes in Azad Kashmir. This lake is located at an altitude of 13500 feet above sea level.

To get from Kel to the lake, you'll need to take a jeep to Lilam Tent Village. If you have to go to the lake you have to take a guide with you. You will have to walk from Lelam Tent Village to chitta Katha Lake. 

This route goes through the middle of the mountains and reaches Chitta Katha Duck 1. There is a Tent Village facility on Duck 1 and Duck 2. The journey from the road to the lake is at least 6 hours. The locals complete the journey in 5 hours. The path is uphill so consider your health and go to Chitta Katha Lake.

It may take tourists about 7 to 10 hours to complete this route.

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