The History Of Sharda Town Azad Kashmir Nellum velley, Abid Hussain Academy

History Of Sharda Town 

The History Of Sharda Town Azad Kashmir Nellum velley |

Scenic and delightful natural beauty is what Kashmir is famous for throughout the world. Sharda is one of the most fascinating places in Neelum, Azad Kashmir It is located at a distance of 136 Km from Muzaffarabad and is 30 Km away from Dawarian Sharda has both natural beauty and historical significance. Its lush green plains, heaven kissing snowy mountains around it and How far is Sharda from smoothly flowing blue Neelum River is enough to create an air of fascination, delight and charm in the hearts of the visitors.

The History Of Sharda 

Sharda has quite a valuable and ancient history The name 'Sharda' is said to have been given after the name of one of the two princesses, Shardi and Nardi They were two legendary princesses of that region. Presently, Shardi and Nardi arei the two mountain peaks overlooking the Sharda valley. These mountains have also been named after those princesses. On the opposite side of Sharda, Neelum Is connected through Surgan Nalla to the Nuri Naar Pass which leads to the Kaghan Valley. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the country travel to Sharda to relish themselves with the attraction of this dreamland in Kashmir.

Sharda Old University 

Sharda Old University

Historically, Sharda is said to have been a place of learning for a long time. We cansill find here the ruins of the University of Sharda Those who are interested in archeology and history may find a lot of historical facts about this center of knowledge.Sharda's script had been developed in that university in the 9th century. It Is interesting to know that some parts of its historical building have survived through ages. Other historical sites in the Sharda town are the Sharda fort and the Kishan Ghaati. Seekers of knowledge used to come from distant areas to learn history, geography, health, logic and philosophy in Sharda University.

The beauty of Sharda is a blessing of Almighty Allah and its history is a gift to us from the past. We should play our role to protect all such scenic places.

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